How It Works

Our technology allows a gamification of the networking making it easier for shy / people feeling uncomfortable initiating contact. For ex: Signature Network introduces the 1 to 1  cubes, to ensure a noise-cancelling environment during events. The fact of filtering high-profile participants with arranged seating plan strategies provides an incredible time-saving and effectiveness.

BizzMatcher connects people together based on their common business interest with an innovative algorithm that helps people save time, energy and money.


Step 1 – Download BizzMatcher mobile App in your smartphone.

Step 2 – Complete your profile to be eligible for one of our event(s).

Step 3 – Once profile approved by our team, purchase your ticket to one of our event(s).

Step 4 – During the events, seat in your allocated round table for ice-breaking session (approx 10 mins per table).

Step 5 – One-To-One session starts (approx 20 mins per session), use the meeting request function in the app.

Profiles who have received a meeting request are free to accept it, decline it, or even ignore it.

Step 6 – Accepted meeting invitations will be displayed in a screen with a dedicated location in the venue.

Step 7 – Confirm in the app if you are happy to do business with the person(s) you met face to face.

Step 8 – Consult your dashboard to check the number of peers you have invited and met and the duration of each of your meetings.

Step 9 – After the event(s), use the auto-generated email templates to follow up with people you met and want to do business with. Adapt the messages to your needs and send it through the app.

Worried about not receiving results from the event(s) you attended? Rest assured, BizzMatcher app sends post event report to all users, even to those who could not participate.

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