Why Use BizzMatcher ?

With our mobile app BizzMatcher, we believe in high-quality networking and hassle-free. As everyone may have experienced, networking can be a very-time consuming and a very fastidious prospection job such as:

Triage of all Business Cards collected during the event by attendees
Remember the people you think are worth re-contacting
Search people on Social Media and send them a request to connect.

And if not done the same day / night while people’s memory is still fresh, the chances to be remembered are really rare !

BizzMatcher App Has The SOLUTIONS !

Our unique technology brings the following aspects:

Incredible time-saving for attendees thanks to group based round tables arranged upfront and filtered seating plans to meet the right profiles.

Only digital profiles allowed ! All participants have a QR code as unique identifier.

Our AI-based mobile App sends intuitive email templates for following up with your leads after the event(s).

KPI reports are sent to participants up to 2 days following the event(s).

Easy and Fast Registration Process for participants (less than 3 minutes).

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