Socially Responsible

Signature Network has commited to give part of its revenue to a charity cause through YallaGive platform. This means every ticket sold and paid membership suscribed through our website, a dedicated contribution of your purchase will go to personal or charity causes supported and approved by Yallagive.

We support and help fundraising and donations for causes at local and international scale such as:

  • Serious Disease (such as Cancer)
  • Fight Against Famine
  • Education
  • Children and Women rights
  • Refugee Crisis
  • Natural Disasters
  • Mobility (for elderly and people of determination)
  • Accesibility (Water and Electricity supply to village people)
  • Abondoned / Mistreated PetsĀ 
  • And many others causes for a better world

Because we really care about privacy, security, trust and confidentiality. We help connect people physically and believe in a safer business world by protecting individuals data and intimate space.

We think its vital to adapt our offers and services to current trends and local cultures. Respect of ethics leads to successful events.

Our goal at Signature Network is to help people seeking for opportinities. One objective: bring professionals together (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Business Angels, Job Seekers, Recruiters etc) and invite them in one location to develop synergies.

We implemented a code of conduct environment-friendly based on paperless events (i.e e-business cards) to emphasize interactions with people and increase chances to seal deals.

Our audience and customers are our top priority, meanwhile our passion for technology pushes our team to a never-ending thirst for innovation.

We pledge to deliver the best customer service to keep our members happy and provide an end-to-end follow up with their leads during and after the networking events.

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