Ladies Waxing Specialist (Beauty) – Dubai

Job Title: Female Waxing Specialist Dubai, UAE

Our client is looking to hire a full-time in-house Female Waxing Specialist to be based in Dubai, UAE.
Remote work is not accepted.
Salary: 3,5K AED /month + + commissions (20 AED per newly onboarded customer) + 2 complementary spa treatments per month (up to the candidate’s choice)
(work visa + health insurance to be provided by the company).
Right candidates are invited to apply directly here:
Location: Dubai, UAE
Our client is a brand-new female beauty salon & spa located in the heart of Dubai, renowned for providing exceptional beauty and wellness services. We pride ourselves on creating a luxurious and relaxing environment for our clients, offering a wide range of services to enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence. We are currently seeking a skilled and creative Female Waxing Specialist to join our talented team and contribute to the exceptional service we provide to our clientele.

Job Description:

Position Overview:
As a Female Waxing Therapist, you will be responsible for delivering exceptional waxing services to our clients. The ideal candidate should be experienced in various waxing techniques, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience for every client. Your expertise will contribute to our salon’s reputation for delivering high-quality, personalized waxing services.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Waxing Services:
– Perform a variety of waxing services, including but not limited to facial waxing, body waxing, and intimate waxing.
– Utilize different waxing techniques to ensure efficient and long-lasting results.
– Provide aftercare instructions to clients, promoting skin health and smooth results.

2. Client Consultation:
– Conduct thorough consultations with clients to understand their specific waxing needs and preferences.
– Address client concerns and ensure a comfortable and positive experience during the waxing session.

3. Hygiene and Safety:
– Maintain strict hygiene and sanitation standards in the waxing area, ensuring the cleanliness of equipment, tools, and workspace.
– Adhere to salon policies and industry regulations regarding sanitation and safety protocols.

4. Product Knowledge:
– Stay informed about different types of wax, aftercare products, and waxing techniques.
– Recommend appropriate aftercare products to clients to enhance the quality of their skin post-waxing.

5. Professionalism and Customer Service:
– Provide excellent customer service, ensuring clients feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with their experience.
– Build and maintain strong client relationships, encouraging repeat business and positive referrals.

– Proven experience as a Waxing Therapist, preferably in a salon or spa setting.
– Knowledge of various waxing techniques and products.
– Exceptional customer service and communication skills.
– Ability to work efficiently and maintain a high level of accuracy in waxing services.
– Valid certification or license in esthetics or cosmetology.
– Flexibility to work weekends and evenings, as needed.

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