Fund A Cause – FAQ

What is Fund A Cause?

Fund A Cause is an international online platform that brings together Penny Appeal’s Global Humanitarian Projects from various fields (Water, Health, Emergencies, Education etc.). and continents (Africa, Asia, Europe) that are seeking a financial push to complete their achievements. During the online conference, each cause is given 5-7 minutes to pitch their project initiative to an audience of corporate and individual potential supporters (investors, advisors, corporates, etc.). Following each presentation, anyone from the audience can ask questions and challenge the project proposition, if interested.

Donations are decided solely by donors at their own discretion. Moreover, all projects have been meticulously selected and audited by Penny Appeal Middle East.

Who is Penny Appeal?

Penny Appeal is a UK based organisation and was established in 2009.

Penny Appeal has offices in USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Dubai.

Penny Appeal operates in over 35 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE. 

Penny Appeal is operational in humanitarian and development programmes, including water and sanitation, healthcare, education support and income generation.

Penny Appeal has been present in UAE since 2018 and is registered in International Humanitarian City in Dubai

Is it a Competition / Contest?

No, each project participating in the online event can be supported, even after the event is done. The organizers will ensure a proper follow-up and help project managers find the funds and reach their fundraising goals.

No. All you need to do is to download the Zoom application onto your smartphone or install Zoom software on your laptop. All participants will get their Zoom credentials (ID + Password) once they purchase tickets

What are the other benefits of this event?

  • A platform for networking.

About our conference(s)

What does the conference expect from us?

To contribute to great causes, enhancement of knowledge, inspiration, raising of awareness, and giving to and helping people.

How are applications assessed?

Applications will be screened by the Penny Appeal team. They will identify projects that will make a real impact and create lasting change for the target communities.

What criteria does the Application Committee consider when judging applications to be part of Fund A Cause Conference?

  • Level of innovation of the proposed solution.
  • Level of need.
  • Field-based needs assessment.
  • Due Diligence Report(s) / Financial – Funding Background.
  • Economic impact on the community in the form of job creation potential and contribution to the growth of the economic base.

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