BizzMatcher Executive Show – FAQ

What is BizzMatcher Executive Show?

BizzMatcher Executive Show is an international online platform that brings together ambitious job seekers looking for remote jobs and recruiters looking for talents to invest in. During the online show, each candidate is given 5 minutes to pitch their CV to the board of recruiters. During each candidate presentation, recruiters will ask question(s) to candidate and /or make job offer(s) if they feel any interest.

Is it a Competition / Contest?

No, each and every candidate who takes part to the show can secure an offer from the hirers, even after the show is done. The organizers will ensure a proper follow up and help job seekers find the position they could fit in.

Do I need to download BizzMatcher Mobile to attend the Show?

No. All you need is to download Zoom application in your smartphone or install Zoom software on your laptop. Shortlisted candidates, viewers and recruiters will receive a zoom link with a meetingID a password to connect to the online show.

Will BizzMatcher Executive Show provide jobs?

BizzMatcher Executive Show brings high-profile recruiters to review profiles of all job seekers and facilitates introductions during and after the show. The job descriptions, roles, packages including salaries are negotiated directly between candidates and recruiters and based on a common agreement between the two parties.

Is BizzMatcher Executive Show open to only UAE nationals?

No, BizzMatcher Executive Show programme is open to submission from all nationalities.

What if we are already employed in a company -up for a while? Is BizzMatcher Executive Show appropriate for us?

Yes, admission to BizzMatcher Executive Show is open for both people who lost or left their jobs, and people who are already staffed.

What other services does BizzMatcher Online Show provide?

  • Mentorship
  • Consulting
  • Networking
  • Access to pool of Recruiters

About our show(s)

What does the show expect from us?

The BizzMatcher Executive Show programme expects you to contribute to discover fresh talents and meet new opportunities.

How should the applications be submitted?

Submissions may be done online only through the registration process.

How are applications assessed?

Applications will be screened by a panel of experts on identifying profile matching, candidates who will add value to the industry.

What criteria do the Application Committee consider when judging job seekers to be part of the BizzMatcher Executive Show programme?

  • Level of skills
  • Level of knowledge and confidence of the applicant(s)
  • Motivation
  • Personality / Impression
  • Professional Experience
  • Quality of the CV / Presentation
  • Clarity on the details provided

Is it necessary to have a Video CV to apply?

No, at the time of online submission, a complete, short and concise PDF CV is enough. However, experience has proven that animated CV’s increases significantly the level of attention of the  recruiters and makes it more attractive.

What happens if the application submitted lacks the complete information required by the BizzMatcher Executive Show Committee?

If the committee feels that it requires further information or clarification of any points, the applicant will be contacted to submit additional documents to assert their application. However, panel’s decision is deemed final.

What is the next step after being selected by the committee?

After receiving acceptance to join the BizzMatcher Executive Show, the team will contact you to complete your  registration by making an online payment ($800 flat fee) to get coaching sessions by our HR experts, review your CV, come to the show, pitch in front of our recruiters, and get one year follow up.

About Candidates

If we have already a job can we still apply?

Yes, please explain in your current position and why you would like to consider another job.

Do we need to be in UAE to apply?

No. Applications can be submitted online via BizzMatcher Executive Show

How will we know if we have been rejected or accepted?

You will receive a response from the BizzMatcher Executive team on the result of your submission.

Who will have access to my submission?

BizzMatcher Executive Show supports staff and application evaluation committee will have access to documents.

Can a single person apply for more than one sector during BizzMatcher Executive Show?





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