BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference – FAQ

What is BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference?

BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference is a global online platform that brings together ambitious Entrepreneurs seeking for Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and B funding and investors looking for attractive projects to invest in. During the online Conferences, each Start-up is given 5-7 minutes to pitch their business idea/venture to the board of advisors & investors. During each entrepreneur’s presentation, investors will ask question(s) and challenge candidates offer(s) if they feel any interest. Ticket size is from $10K and above.

Is it a Competition or a Contest?

No, each startup / scale up that participate to our Programme can secure an offer from the investors, even after the Programme is done. The organizers will ensure a proper follow up and help entrepreneurs find the funds they need to operate / expand their business if they fit the investors requirements.

Do I need to download BizzMatcher Mobile to attend the Conferences?

No. All you need is to download Zoom application in your smartphone or install Zoom software on your laptop. Shortlisted start-ups, viewers and investors will receive a zoom link with a meetingID a password to connect to the online.

Will BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference provide funding?

BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference brings high-profile investors to review profiles of existing and running businesses during and after the Conference(s). The investments/funding is negotiated directly between entrepreneurs and the investors and will be subject to the investors’ terms, conditions, criteria, and selection.

Is BizzMatcher Accelerator / Incubator Programme open to only UAE nationals?

No, it is open to submission from all nationalities.

What if our business is not established and did not start generating income? Is BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference appropriate for us?

Yes, admission to BizzMatcher Accelerator & Incubator Programme is accessible for running as well as non-running businesses.

What other services does BizzMatcher Accelerator / Incubator conferences provide?

Apart from the easy and fast access to an incredible networking platform, both entrepreneurs and investors can benefit from a large portfolio of services (at extra charge) provided by our strategic partners such as:

  • Business Coaching / Mentorship
  • Company Set-up services (for the UAE Market only)
  • Access to co-working space, flexi-desks and private offices at preferential rate thanks to our partner WeWork
  • Company Valuation tools
  • Due Diligence services
  • I.P & Legal Advisory
  • 360 Digital Marketing
  • PR & Media services

About our Programmes

What does the Signature Network expect from us?

Signature Network expects you to contribute to entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem through success of your business.

Will you accept to host start-ups teams working on a similar idea?


How should the applications be submitted?

Submissions may be done online only through the registration process.

How are applications judged?

Applications will be screened by a panel of experts on identifying ideas / companies who will add value to the industry.

What criteria do the Application Committee consider when judging applications to be part of BizzMatcher Accelerator / Incubator Programme?

  • Level of uniqueness of the proposed solution (U.S.P)
  • Amount of knowledge and passion of the founder(s)
  • Profitability of the business(es)
  • Market potential of the project (Go-To Market readiness)
  • Funding Background
  • Economic and societal impact in the form of job creation potential and contribution to the growth of the economic base

How do i know if my project / business is suitable for the BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference or for the BizzMatcher Incubator Programme?

During the online application process, your will be asked if:

A – Your commercial license is registered or not.

B- Your business bank account opened or not.

C- Your website / Tech / Product is up and running (M.V.P) or not.

D- You have been funded before or not.

E- You are already generating an income from your business/project or not.

F- Your Intellectual Property is registered or not.

G- You are asking less than $10K or more.

H- Your team is less or more than 2 people.

I-Your project / company has more or less than one year of existence.

J- You have a business plan or not.

Based on your answers, if you score less than 50 or less, you will be allocated to the BizzMatcher Incubator Programme. However, if you score more than 50, you will be enrolled for the BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference.

Is it possible for a startup to be upgraded from the Incubator Programme to the Accelerator Conference?

Absolutely, after some time if a startup would like to enroll again. The committee will evaluate that the company have evolved, and its business has advanced (based on the criteria mentioned above), they can be moved up to the Accelerator Conference.

Is it necessary to have a completed business plan to apply?

No. However, all participants should provide a complete investment / pitch deck during the screening process.

What happens if the application submitted lacks the complete information required by the Signature Network Committee?

If the committee feels that it requires further information or clarification of any points, the applicant will be contacted to submit additional documents to assert their innovation. However, panel’s decision is deemed final.

What is the next step after being selected by the committee?

After receiving acceptance to join the BizzMatcher Accelerator Conference, the team will contact you to complete your registration by making an online payment ($499.99 flat fee) to attend and pitch in front of our investors + 3% net success fee (commission) on the total amount fundraised by startups via Signature Network platform.

About Startups

Is it possible to submit more than one idea at the same time?

No, only one submission is acceptable at a time.

Can I re-enroll to the BizzMatcher Accelerator / Incubator Programme in case I do not find any investment during the online event?

Yes, every entrepreneur can enroll up to 3 times.

If we have already funding can we still apply?

Yes, please explain in your application the funding you have received in the past and the reasons it was insufficient.

Do we need to be in UAE to apply?

No. Applications can be submitted online via Start-ups-registration

How will we know if we have been rejected or accepted?

You will receive a response from the Signature Network team on the result of your submission and screening.

Who will have access to my submission?

Signature Network staff and the application evaluation committee will have access to documents.

Can we apply for BizzMatcher Accelerator / Incubator while visiting UAE on a visit visa?

Yes. You can apply from anywhere in the world since our Programme is virtual.

Can a single person apply to BizzMatcher Accelerator / Incubator Programme?


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